Company overview

Comapny name TORQ Inc. (In Japanese:トルク株式会社)
Company address 2-7-4, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 550-0015, Japan
Founded August,1926
Established June 18, 1941
Capital 2,712,335,720 yen
Board members
Representative Director and President Toshiyuki Higaki
Managing Director Eijiro Enokihara
Director Shigenobu Hamanaka
Director (outside company) Maki Okada
Director (outside company) Tatsuhiko Masamoto
Director (Fulltime Audit and Supervisory Board Member) Makoto Shibata
Director (Audit and Supervisory Board Member, outside company) Yoshitsugu Sakamoto
Director (Audit and Supervisory Board Member, outside company) Taichi Fukuda
Employees Main: 171 (As of April 30, 2024, excluding loaned employees)
Consolidated: 236(As of April 30, 2024)
Stock listing Listing on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Securities code 8077
Business content Domestic sales of rivet screws, fastening products etc. and import / export of rivets

Comapny structure

5 minutes walk from 'Sakuragawa Station' on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line or 'Sakuragawa Station' on the Hanshin Electric Railway Namba Line.


August,1926 Founder, Mr. Masaharu Kobayashi founded Kobayashi Masaharu shop in Osaka city. Started to sell bolts, nuts and rivets in general.
June,1941 Kobayashi Shoji Co., Ltd. established
October,1961 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange Second Section.
April,1970 Kyushu Branch opened.
April,1970 Higashi Osaka Distribution Base opened.
November,1970 Sapporo branch opened.
December,1970 Tokyo office opened.
March,1971 Listed on the first part of the Osaka Securities Exchange market.
November,1976 Promoted the Tokyo office to a branch, renamed to the Tokyo branch.
June,1984 Mizushima office opened.
May,1988 Northern Kanto office opened.
April,1989 Promoted Mizushima sales office to branch, renamed to Sanyo branch.
September,1989 Atsugi Sales Office opened.
November,1990 Establish Saitama Sales Office.
December,1990 Tohoku branch opened.
July,1994 Nagoya branch opened.
July,1995 Hiroshima sales office opened.
March,1997 Moved Atsugi Sales Office, renamed as Yokohama Sales Office.
May,1998 Integrate the Kita Kanto Sales Office and Saitama Sales Office and relocated it as the Kita Kanto branch.
July,1998 100% acquisition of Nakaichi Corporation stock. Renamed as KOBAX CO., LTD. And started operating as a sales subsidiary.
August,2009 Integrate our concrete business division into KOBAX Corporation.
December,2011 Shikoku sales office opened.
January,2012 Transferred Nakasho Machinery Metals Co., Ltd.'s business to Nakasho Machine Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and started operating.
July,2013 Due to market integration between the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange, listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
October,2014 Hokuriku Sales Office opened.
October,2016 100% acquisition of shares of OWAHAGANE Industry Co.,Ltd., started sales as a sales subsidiary.
July,2017 100% acquisition of NAKAJIMAKOKI CORPORATION. stock, started sales as a sales subsidiary.
April,2018 Relocated the Yokohama office, renamed the Keihin branch office.
September,2018 Okinawa Sales Office opened.
November,2019 Kagoshima Sales Office opened.
April,2020 Renamed to TORQ Inc.
March,2021 Integrated the Keihin Sales Office into the Tokyo Branch.
April,2022 The Higashi-Osaka Center was relocated and opened as the Taisho DC.
April,2022 Belongs to the prime market due to the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market.


We will introduce branches / offices
that we deploy nationwide.

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