Representative Director and President Toshiyuki Higaki

Through its contribution to Monodzukuri, to grow again

The TORQ Inc., along with the industrial development in Japan, has provided Monodzukuri centered around screws for nearly 90 years.During that time, we have exported Japanese-made bolts, imported foreign-made bolts, and have developed high tension bolts ahead of the rest of the industry.
Also, in order to provide services from a location closer to our customers ,we have established 14 bases nationwide, and we have built the largest inventory volume and distribution network in the industry.

As a result, we have become the leading company in the industry, and it is our pride and joy to be able to contribute to Japanese Monodzukuri through our interactions with our thousands of suppliers and clients.

In recent years the stagnation of the Japanese Monodzukuri industry has been pointed out, but The TORQ Inc. will strive to increase our market to not only screws and hardware for concrete but also machinery tools, and contribute to Japanese Monodzukuri by aiming to grow even further.

Representative Director and President Toshiyuki Higaki


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